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I’m Not Homophobic, I’ve Got Gay Friends

de Boise, S. (2015). “I’m Not Homophobic, I’ve Got Gay Friends: Evaluating the Validity of Inclusive Masculinity.” Men and Masculinities 18(3): 318-339.
Anderson’s concept of “inclusive masculinity” has generated significant academic and media interest recently. It claims to have replaced hegemonic masculinity as a theoretical framework for exploring gender relations in societies that show decreased levels of cultural homophobia and homohysteria; this clearly has important implications for critical studies on men and masculinities (CSMMs). This article is divided into two parts and begins with a theoretical evaluation of work using the framework of inclusive masculinity and what it claims to offer over hegemonic masculinity. The second half is an analysis of inclusive masculinity’s conceptual division of homophobia and homohysteria. Through this analysis, it is suggested that there are several major theoretical concerns, which call into question the validity of research utilizing the framework of inclusive masculinity.

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