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States of Conflict: Gender, Violence and Resistance.

S. Jacobs, R. Jacobson and J. Marchbank (eds.). 2000. States of Conflict: Gender, Violence and Resistance. London, New York, Zed Books.

This is a collection of articles/essays by a number of well-known scholars. Content:

States of conflict. Susie Jacobs, Ruth Jacobson and Jen Marchbank.

Re-packaging the notions of security: A sceptical feminist response to recent efforts. Lee-Ann Broadhead

Wars against women: sexual violence, sexual politics and the militarized state. Liz Kelly.

Transforming conflicts: Some thoughts on a gendered understanding of conflict process. Judy El-Bushra.

Engendering the state in refugee women’s claims for asylum. Heaven Crawley.

Citizen soldier? Class, race, gender, sexuality and the US military. Francine d’Almico.

Shifting relationships and competing discourses in post-Mao China: The All-China Women’s Federation and the People’s Republic. Jude Howell.

Tackling violence against women in Brazil: Converting international principles into effective local policy. Fiona Macauley.

Gender, community, nation: The myth of innocence. Parita Mukhta.

Women and peace in Northern Ireland: A complicated relationship. Ruth Jacobsson.

Revealing silence: Voices from South Africa. Teboho Maitse.

Globalisation, states and women’s agency: Possibilities and pitfalls. Susie Jacobs.





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