Learn how to recognize and deal with Destructive Workplace Domination Techniques:
How to avoid power-based manipulation methods business and politics.

Ever felt that you are being interrupted more than others at meetings? That nobody pays attention to what you say? That your knowledge is not trusted? That you are the target of sexist jokes by people who are supposed to be professional? Excluded from important discussions and informal networks? Being judged differently than your colleagues on both your performance and life choices such as having and caring for children? Made to feel stupid or not good enough by colleagues? You’re not the only one.

Uncountable number of women and minorities experience Destructive Workplace Domination Techniques, at work, in politics and in organisations where they are active. Most often the manipulator is a (white) man. And most often the person targeted feels that it is their own fault, taking it personal, making it harder to be self-confident and thrive.

These experiences are not to be taken personal however, they are structural, as shown by the work of Norwegian social psychologist and politician Berit Ås. Most women in politics and in business in Scandinavia today have been trained to recognize these patterns and how to respond to them. It is now time for this knowledge to reach outside Scandinavia!

I make tailor-made trainings on how to recognize and deal with these Destructive Workplace Domination Techniques. These trainings are mainly targeting women and minorities but can also be made to target men for awareness raising. The trainings can be online or on location and are at the moment offered in English. Versions in Dutch, French and Swedish will come soon.

Trainings can be from a minimum of 1,5 hours, including the theory and short discussions, up to a whole day, including both theory and exercises to learn how to identify different Destructive Workplace Domination Techniques and different ways to respond to them.

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