Other sites

There are many other useful sites on the web where knowledge and information on gender issues can be found. I’d like to mention a few:

General sites / comprehensive information
  • First, for those doing research on violence against women, gender inequality and armed conflicts, the WomenStats Project is vital. The project contains over 170,000 data points as of 2019. It covers over 350 variables on women’s situation and security for 175 nations (those with populations greater than 200,000 persons):
  • When it comes to working with men to reduce patriarchal norms, promoting healthier masculine norms and working against violence against women, few sites are as comprehensive as the XY site of Australian scholar Michael Flood:
  • The Swedish Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation produces a lot of reports and analyses on women and peace processes, violence against women and evaluations of policies and legislations that are highly useful. They can be found on
  • A lot of information regarding the situation of the women in the world can be found on the UN Women website
Gender budgeting
Gender and environment

For those who want to know more about gender and environment and climate change I recommend to have a look at: